Tuesday, January 12th

If the weather man is wrong: come prepared to work on your outline. If class becomes a social center, we will switch over to second semester stuff.  In other words, come ready to do some focused work.

If tomorrow is cancelled: work on your outline and quotes.  You may use the outline and a quote sheet only.  Please ensure that your details are in point form (a few words/pt only). If there’s too much, you can’t use it. Might be a good idea to fill it out in pencil 🙂

If there is a delay Thursday: exam will go forward.  We will have two hours and ten minutes. IF you want the extra 2o minutes, come early or stay into lunch.

If there is a total cancellation Thursday: the exam will be written the next day two, which I believe is Wednesday, the 20th.  You will have TOK this Friday (the 15th) regardless.

Next week: TOK (unless there’s an exam Wednesday); the 25th will be English class.

Relax and enjoy the process (no, I’m not crazy).  Think of it as a fun challenge, rather than a stress ball, and you WILL do better!!! As our authors have taught us, perspective is everything…<3


Tuesday, January 5th


  1. Finish making connections and write a clear sentence (not a thesis) that states connection (see notes below).
  2. Spend some time organizing your notes
  3. Before you come back from exam break: read hanout on IOP; decide on a possible topic for yours.

In my rush to get things done before the bell, I lead you astray: Your thesis does not have to focus on purpose and technique, JUST purpose (technique comes later).

*As I attempt to write a good example, I realize that a thesis on it’s own without a lead in, will not always be clear.  Therefore, just write a sentence (or two) that makes a clear link.  Don’t worry about it being a thesis yet.

In both The Merchant of Venice and  Pride and Prejudice, characters reject the acquisition of wealth in order to pursue their desires.

not based on your question, just an example:

Matthew Harrison Brady and Nathan Price promote a very narrow-minded view of religion .

Harper Lee and Barbara Kingsolver use traumatic events to illustrate the importance of understanding another’s perspective.

Monday, 23rd November

For Wednesday: finish your notes for commentary on the doc.  During class, you will get 30 mins or so to write a group commentary.  Then we will try to put them all together.  Don’t stress. No marks.  Just learning.

Do questions 4a) and b).  Just point form–ignore the instruction to write beautiful sentences. Who needs beautiful sentences, anyway?

Thursday we will wrap up anything from Genesis that hasn’t been wrapped yet, and I will guarantee around 30 minutes to read. Next section is due for Friday.

When you need to get a hold of me: I am so very sorry about the mix-up yesterday, and doubly sorry that I din’t check my email.  But…I don’t sit on my school email all weekend.  I check from time to time.  Sometimes, when something big is due, I will tell people I’ll be checking. However, it’s not something you can depend upon, if I haven’t said I would be. You had worked in class for three days, so I wasn’t anticipating any essay probs, let alone my screw-up on turnitin.  If it’s something important–like what happened yesterday–don’t hesitate to get someone in the group to phone me.  It’s not a problem at all.  Also, I hate to introduce another email address, but the one that will get to me the quickest on the weekend is jcutcliffe@hotmail.com


Monday, November 2nd

I’ve updated the dates for when you need to have each chunk done.  I moved chunk #3 to Thursday, but note that there is only one day between 4 and 5.  This is subject to change based on how far we get each day, but pace yourself with the understanding that it may have to be finished on Tuesday, the 10th,

  1. 107 -166 November 5th
  2. 166-239 November 9th
  3. 239-end November 13th


Pay Particular attention to: (meaning really close read/lotsa notes)

Pages 108-109





Friday, October 30th

Here’s an article that goes into depth about the Bingley’s fortune.  Click here if you’d like the details: 

Click to access slothouber.pdf

.  The gist is that they are “new rich”.  They are rich enough to command a great deal of respect, but they could never be at the same level as Darcy, because of his title.

The point of view question is not as easy.  Technically, it is omniscient.  The story is told primarily through Elizabeth’s eyes,so it may seem limited in places.  But there are times when Elizabeth is not in the scene.  And still, there are places where, other than the free indirect discourse, the story is all Elizabeth.  At other times the narrator is detached, and subtly ironic.  There are also the fist person letters.  Long story short, part of the “pleasure” of studying this text is that the narration is not simple, clear-cut, black and white.  There are varying techniques that you need to become skilled at detecting.

*The novel is also in its infancy during this time.  There was much experimentation.

Check the notes for the book that are on the site for other info.  Click HERE (&c is etc. not “and company”.  There is an explanation in the notes.)

Tuesday, 27th October

Read the next chunk for Friday: second chunk (p 107). Pay particular attention to how both Collins and Wickham are developed.  Have several examples for each that you can easily refer to.

Thursday we will present, discuss and read (with whatever time remains).

Wednesday, Oct 21st

Essays will be given formative feedback.  Do your best BUT DON”T STRESS.  Turnitin by midnight on Sunday.  Hard copy in to Ms. Kennedy on Monday morning.

Monday’s class: You will meet in the following groups and complete the task given to you by Ms. K

The Bennets: Syd, Claire, Izzy

Jane & Lizzy: Meg, Alex, Olivia, Connie

Darcy & Bingley: Thomas x 2, Dan & Nat

Technique & Customs: Ian, Shae, Ross, Rosanna

The “Others” (Lucases, Mary, Kitty, Lydia, Ms. Bingley and Hurst)

You will need to finish by the end of class and will present (informal) on Thursday.

Tuesday:  Oh, Mistah Darcy!!  The movie, part one.

Saturday, October 17th

Guys, I’m sitting here at home, ready to do your outlines and nothing will load.  I’m not sure what’s happening, but I can’t do it right now.  I’ll try again later.  If anyone knows why it wouldn’t load, let me know!  I can access my cloud gmail and when I click on your invitation to edit, the pages start to load and then stall. If I can’t give you feedback, that’s ok, just keep on trucking!!